Thursday, April 2, 2009

The internet and its crazies

I'm really concerned about my online identity. I was foolish to use one screen name all over the place and now its associated with things I'd rather not be associated with. But the thing is, I'm a very simple person who isn't concerned so much with privacy as much as creepy people who make creepy threats. If you want to attack me go for it, as long as it has no affect on my family I'm fine with it. Mess with my family and you're in for a surprise.

The internet really does bring out the crazies. I mean they think they have all this power over you just because they could google a few things or use certain search engines to find out an old/current address. And if it was just me they'd be messing with, who cares. Bring it. But no, they want to bring in my family. That is just not acceptable.

Why do people behave like this? I have no idea.

Just a thought running through my mind.

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