Thursday, April 2, 2009

Can you afford that?

I was on a few shoe blog sites that I like to visit and after seeing the same girl have a million different pairs of Christian Louboutins, Manolos, and God knows what else, I stBlogger: Just Another Me - Edit Post "Can you afford that?"arted to wonder how these people afford these extravagant shoes! I mean, each CL shoe is like $600 US dollars, so to have just two is like most peoples monthly rent. I guess people make choices on what is important in their lives and what not, but still to have so many pairs. I read their bio's to see if mabye their job allows them to get a discount or something of the like, and while yes most people do have jobs which allows them to have shoes like that for less than retail, most people don't!

So I just want to know, how do they do it? Please share the secret so I can get a few of my own pairs!

The day I purchase my very own pair of CL shoes will be a good day indeed.

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