Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Internet

Have you noticed that when you have a major exam or a major project coming up you tend to shift your focus and become obsessed with something that has nothing to do with that you should be doing? I become most addicted to the internet when I'm supposed to be doing something else. Like right now, I have a MAJOR exam coming up in about 10 days, and instead of studying my ass off, I'm going on the same few sites that I go to even though I know they haven't made any new posts or updated anything.

Because I can't focus my attention on my studies makes me think that I have ADHD. I acutally took a test at a psychiatrists office to see if I had ADHD or not, and I scored one point below whats considered to be a person with ADHD.

I have tried adderrall before and for about 3 days it was great. I was focusing like I've never focused before. I wasn't eating as much which is a huge plus. And I was sleeping well. Around day 5 I started loosing focus and not sleeping. I just couldn't fall asleep. Around day 8 without any sleep for 3 days I decided that sleep was more important than focus so I stopped taking it. So it didn't help me. Which was a huge bummer. I honestly don't know how to get my focus back. Which just plain sucks.

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